The first historic, huge sacred temple of Shree Suswani Matah with a ritualistic dome/spire (Shikharbandi Temple) was constructed

in Villupuram, TamilNadu in South India. In this historic and religious place the families of Surana, Dugar & Sankhla’s Ancestral

Goddess (Kuldevi) Shree Suswani Mata’s Pratistha Mahotsav (Instalation Ceremony) was celebrated on 12.06.2014. The Pratistha

was performed in a grand manner under the guidance of Param Pujya Shrutbhasker Acharya Bhagwant Shrimad Vijay                 Dharma Dhurandarji Maharaja Saheb & his disciples (Adi Thana) and Pandit Shri Vallabh Bhai Phathak Shasthri of Vadodara.


Maa Suswani:

The beauty and charisma of the idol of Shree Suswani Maa however powerful it may be. She helps shatter the problems encountered in life and empowers her devotee with unshaken self-confidence. The presence of the Deity makes the devotee feel transported to a divine world where he/she experiences unconditional bliss and blessings. She is fond of all her devotees, a granter of success in all attempts. a bestower of well being, a granter of boons, a bestower of wisdom and wealth, a vanquisher of ailments and also a granter of issues. She helps her devotees to understand the meaning of life, to live peacefully and seek the ultimate truth.

Suswani Maa cannot be described in words. She is extremely powerful, pure, serene, radiant, auspicious, miraculous & attractive. The radiance of her eyes provide peace and prosperity & remove all hurdles and problems of her devotees. Adorned with weapons in hands, she is a destroyer of distress, sorrow, pain, negative and evil forces. She is a protector of righteousness and grants auspiciousness. She destroys the power of the enemy.


Maa Suswani Dham Villupuram:

At first Maa Suswani appeared in the dreams of Smt. Chanchal Bai Surana w/o Shri Prasan Chandji Surana and daughter-in-law of Shri Anrajji Suva Bai Surana of Bagri Nagar who are now living in Villupuram. Later Maa Suswani manifested her wish and command by embodying herself through Smt. Chanchal Bai Surana. Suswani Maa personified her first glimpse (Pratyaksh form) in the year 2006 during Chaitra Navratri. From then on, On every 9th day of the Shukla Paksh of Chaitra month Suswani Maa has been relieving all her devotes from pain and distress and has also blessed many couples with children. On all the 9 days of both Navaratras, Suswani Maa has presented her devotees with her charming, charismatic and powerful appearance.

Suswani Maa had ordered her devotees to construct a temple in Villupuram. In the beginning there was lack of devotion, care & clarity in the minds of the people. But Maa Suswani provided guidance & direction to the people of Villupuram and very soon the construction of this magnificent temple was started and it got over just like a dream come true. We the people of Villupuram are indebted to Maa Suswani who has made us proud.

In the construction of this wonderful, massive, domed temple every moment Maa Suswani has given her guidance to make this project a success.

For the benefit of the devotees, we have constructed a small and beautiful Suswani Bhavan.


The dreams of the devotees have come true and under the guidance of Maa Suswani the first and second anniversary of the

Dwajarohan samaroh (flag hoisting) of this magnificent temple has been celebrated with great joy and happiness. In future also many more such festivals will be celebrated in the Villupuram Dham.

Amidst all these celebrations, another great historic event has taken place. Nine devotees from Chennai have travelled by foot the distance of 160 Kms. to reach Maa Suswani Dham on 26th March 2015.


The journey by foot (Pada Yatra) with the voices of the devotees chanting ‘Jai Ambay, Jai Jagdambey’ had surprised everybody.


Every morning at 9.15 am and at 7.15 pm in the evening, a beautiful Aarti is performed in the temple. Every Sunday, after the Aarti, there is Bhakthi (Devotional Songs & Music). The Bhajans destroy evil and negative forces and when one prays to her sincerely, the vibrations fill one with peace and tranquility.


May the divine blessings of Maa Suswani be bestowed on all the devotees.

'Jai Bhavani, Jai Maa Suswani

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